Understanding how simple inbound content marketing hacks work can help you to quickly grow your new online business without spending a ton of money. The key is delivering high quality informative content which isn’t preachy or too obviously a sales pitch and includes your customers in your company’s entrepreneurial journey. In this article, we consider 5 powerful inbound content marketing hacks to quickly scale your business.

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High quality inbound content marketing can include blogs, social media, YouTube videos, Instagram posts as well as free ebooks or downloadable or interactive tools where you can showcase your brand to your intended audience.

1. Identify your business’s value proposition

Identify your business’s value proposition before you start writing content for your marketing strategy. This is vital and will keep your messages tightly focused on solving your customer’s problems. This will also help streamline your SEO and if you get this right at the outset, will set you up to get organic traffic, which is gold.

You will first need to define your customer avatar and target audience in as much detail as possible at the outset. This can be a challenge when you are first starting a business as your avatar is conceptual or imaginary until your website starts to actually produce leads or sales.

For example, if you are marketing a fitness plan to over-50 women your value proposition may be “how to beat the challenges of menopause” – so your lead article might be: “best supplements to reduce your night sweats and hot flashes and improve your sleep”.

2. Avoid Creating Content which Looks like a Sales Pitch

It’s cheesy and consumers recognize this straight away and they will run a mile. For example, don’t’ say “Give us five minutes of your time and we will explain why Widget X will transform your life: increase your earnings, remove your wrinkles, give you slimmer thighs, cure cancer, etc.”

Don’t make ridiculous promises such as: “How I setup this page in under 5 minutes (works if you have ZERO marketing or tech experience)…”. This is a real example, by the way. Achieving success with any product/gimmick/service and so on takes time and deliberation.

Nothing of value is achieved in under five minutes and the example above is clearly a bad sales pitch. You may as well say “You too can become an Olympic athlete even if you can’t walk”. Get real.

Provide information and value with your content rather than simply “buy my widget/service/online coaching”. Explain what problem your good or service is seeking to solve and set about doing just that.

Your content should also be addressing your customer’s experience and purchasing needs at each stage of their consumer journey. At each stage of their buying journey, you will need to generate specific information to guide your readers, which leads to our third inbound content marketing hack: which is developing trust with your customer base.

3. Build Trust with Your Customers

This is achieved by suggestions 1 and 2 above partially. But to really grow your business, you need to deliver content which is informative and authoritative so your readers will believe you. You also need to provide some free content to make it worth their while even staying on your site for longer than a few minutes. Remember, the average consumer has the attention span of a millisecond, and not just Millenials.

Your customer’s searches on Google will be driven by their desire to solve a particular problem in their lives. This is a given. Once you get that customer to your landing page, it is your job to keep them there and you can only do this by delivering relevant information which will solve their problem.

Your site must be empathetic to your customer’s needs and you may also want to ask your customers to offer suggestions to help you improve your product/service. This can make your customers feel valued and a part of your product development journey.

If you can build trust and your customers feel safe enough to give you their email address then your job is partially done. Then you must make sure that your product/service is fulfilling a need and/or helping to solve a problem. Successful inbound content marketing is ultimately about conversions.

4. Avoid publishing unrealistic Instagram Posts

Using images of unrealistically beautiful and surgically enhanced women or men (of any age) to market your website to real people will not only not work, it is also creepy. Don’t do it.

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Instead, show normal looking people achieving real results from using Product X and you may also wish to address problems within problems which they experience as part of their purchasing journey. For example, the menopausal woman using new supplements to lose weight may find her progress stalls for some reason. Acknowledge this and offer solutions.

5. Create Content which is easily shareable on Social Media

This allows your customers to feel like they are part of your entrepreneurial journey. The product or service you are delivering has to be high quality and Instagrammable or shareable so that your customers can say, “I tried this, and I achieved stated outcome”.

If your product or service is innovative or disruptive to the existing market, even better. During the Covid-19 crisis an emerging business trend has been personal and fitness training apps and Facebook and Instagram have seen an explosion of these.  Some are awesome like the Chris Hemsworth Centro apps and some particularly dreadful and a range in between.

Consumers like to believe that they have made intelligent purchasing decisions and by including the customer in this way and encouraging them to share their experiences you are bolstering your business as a reliable/authoritative/authentic voice in the marketplace.

You may also want to infuse humor and quirkiness into your content because this will make your customers feel more inclined to re-share the material. No one wants to see another boring Facebook post and they will keep scrolling.

Keep your content authentic, meaningful and relevant, including acknowledging any limitations and where you plan to improve. Show that you care about your customer and their purchasing experience. Include them in your entrepreneurial journey so that they share their purchasing experience on social media generating more leads.

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Want to grow your online business quickly? Try these five simple content marketing hacks to drive traffic to your site and build confidence in your brand.

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Are you unsure how to get started on your entrepreneurial journey? Here are five easy inbound content marketing hacks to build your business from scratch.