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This list below includes links to published articles I have written over the past two years – some I received bylines – others – attributed to staff writers.

Automotive – Published Articles

Vehicle Freak – Cars that Start with K – the 2022 List

There are at least 14 car brands that start with the letter “K.” Most aren’t well known and/or are offbeat and unusual. This list includes not only car manufacturers with their own brands such as Kia, Kaiser, and Karma but also after-market manufacturers specializing in rebuilding luxury and high-performance cars for the motorsports market such as Michigan-based Katech as well as kit car makers such as Kellison and Kurtis Kraft. (read more)

Vehicle Freak: Economy vs Compact Car – What are the Differences?

The distinction between the economy and compact car categories can appear confusing to the average motorist because many features of both types of vehicles look similar. But don’t be fooled. The key difference between the economy car and the compact car is size. (read more)

Vehicle Freak: The 5 Easiest Cars to Work on and Maintain in 2020

When considering which car to buy in the United States in 2020, in terms of ease of repair, maintain and service, one of the first questions you should ask is how easy is it to source spare parts.

Your next question should be “what is the most predictable catastrophic mechanical failure that a vehicle could potentially experience?” and “what is the estimated repair time (in terms of labor cost)?” (read more)

Legal | Australia – Published Articles

6 Big Things Accountants Need to Know about Family Law

A good working partnership between your legal team and financial advisors is essential. In this article, we consider six big things that accountants need to know about family law. (read more)

How to achieve the best outcomes in a high net worth divorce?

In this article, we consider the main elements of a high net worth divorce in Australia and how you can best prepare for this. The article also considers key mistakes to avoid and choices you can make which will ensure that both parties walk away with their fair share of the marital estate. (read more)

7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Residential Property in Queensland

Published article – Queensland residental property market

The Queensland residential property market has not only remained very stable over the past two years but it continues to record a steady rate of growth across all of Queensland including regional areas. This, along with Queensland’s stunning natural environment and relaxed lifestyle, make it a very sought after entry point for young families trying to find their dream home in an affordable and desirable location. (read more)

What Does a Conveyancer Do?

Many newcomers seeking to enter the Australian property market may well ask, “what exactly does a conveyancer do?” They may also wonder whether it’s better to engage a solicitor or a conveyancer to handle their home purchase or sale. Others may ponder whether they even need a conveyancer at all – or whether they can handle the sale/purchase process by themselves (which is not recommended).

Simply put, conveyancing is the formal transfer of a legal title of real property from one person to another. Real property, in this example, usually refers to commercial or residential real estate. (read more)

Can one Parent Stop another from Seeing their Child?

In theory, the Family Law Act 1975 focuses upon the best interests of the child, but in reality, you may want to know, can one parent stop another from seeing their child? (read more)

What is the average cost of a custody lawyer?

When asking yourself, “what is the average cost of a custody lawyer”, in many cases, the answer is found in the degree of complexity of your family law matter and how well the parties get along with each other. (read more)

Family Provision Claims – 9 Important Questions to Consider

Family provision claims are made when an eligible person challenges the validity of a Will from a deceased estate.  It is not unusual, particularly when a deceased estate is one of great wealth, for relatives to seek to contest the Will. After the Will reading, family members or spouses who felt that they were not adequately provided for in the deceased’s estate can make a claim to the Supreme Court of New South Wales or their relevant jurisdiction for a share or a larger share in the deceased estate. (read more)

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Estate Lawyers in Sydney

When choosing the best estate lawyers in Sydney you need to consider what your specific requirements are. People who are seeking to challenge a will have very different requirements from someone who is applying for a grant of probate on a deceased estate. (read more)

A Comprehensive Guide to Changes to the Family Court System

Earlier this year, the Federal Government made sweeping changes to the Family Court System passing legislation that combined the Family Court and Federal Circuit Courts into a single structure. The proposed system has not been without its share of controversy. (read more)

Can you Change the Locks on Your Husband

If you are going through a difficult marital separation and divorce, you may wonder whether you can change the locks on your husband in the marital home, essentially locking him out. (read more)

What Happens in an International Divorce?

In Australia, an international divorce happens if one of the parties comes from a jurisdiction outside of Australia or one or both parties are living overseas as expatriates when the decision to divorce occurs. (read more)

Legal | American market – Published Articles

Tips for How to Expedite A Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions one faces in life. Many who decide to end a marriage, though, are ready to put it behind them as quickly as possible.  (read more)

What Happens at an Uncontested Divorce Hearing

An uncontested or “no fault” divorce is the best option if you and your spouse have decided that your marriage is no longer working. This form of divorce means neither party is blamed for the breakdown of the marriage. With about 50% of all marriages in America ending in divorce, it is not surprising that many choose this simple, fast divorce. (read more)

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Virginia Uncontested Divorce Procedure

Divorce is a challenging step in life, but that doesn’t mean it has to take months of court time. It is not unusual for couples seeking an uncomplicated, uncontested divorce to complete this process online in as little as two weeks – with neither party required to make a single court appearance.  (read more)

Business to Business Marketing – USA

These are 500 word blog articles I wrote for a hotel business in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware – The Canalside Inn.

5 Best Golf Courses Near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Are you looking for that perfect golfing trip for a group of friends around Delaware’s Cape Region? Rehoboth Beach has a range of excellent golf courses near the pet-friendly Canalside Inn, where you can enjoy a weekend in a beautiful natural landscape. This guide explores venues from the high-end country club option to the budget and fun alternatives. (read more)

Cool Things to Do on the Rehoboth Boardwalk

Anyone looking for the authentic experience of strolling along an all-American wooden boardwalk should visit the historic resort town of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The mile-long pet-friendly boardwalk provides a backdrop for festivals and events while combining old-world charm with modern amenities.  (read more)

How to Plan the Perfect Rehoboth Beach Wedding

There is nothing more romantic than a beach wedding, and Rehoboth Beach is known as a prime mid-Atlantic wedding destination. Rehoboth Beach has everything you need to plan the perfect beach wedding, from dazzling sunsets to first-class restaurants and elegant accommodations for you and your wedding guests. (read more)

Tour the Best Wineries Near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

If you’re looking to visit wineries in Rehoboth Beach, you’re in for a rare treat. Delaware has a long-running tradition of excellence in winemaking, going back to the Pilgrims and Swedish settlers who planted grapes and made wine there as early as 1638. 

This list includes six wineries and a meadery in the area that are worth visiting on your next vacation to this area. (read more)

B2B – American Market

HR trends in outsourcing staff – Published Articles

The Current Trends Driving Companies to Outsource

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) allows companies to scale quickly and stay competitive. It allows them to delegate processes that can easily be performed by external providers (either onshore or offshore) while they focus on their core business. The BPO market size in the US alone in 2021 is worth USD $54.8 billion. (read more)

Should I hire LatAm finance talent on Near?

Any new entrepreneurial venture or tech start-up knows that the quality of their financial analysts – their accountants and their CFOs – can make or break their business. Getting the hiring mix right is vital for companies, regardless of the development stage of their business. Many time-poor creative entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily experts in finance, bookkeeping or even venture capital – this is why it’s so important to find talented finance and corporate analysts to help with these critical business functions. (read more).

Hiring remotely? Why U.S. companies should hire LatAm talent

The four most compelling reasons American firms choose to source skilled staff remotely from Latin American companies are lower salary costs, minimal language barriers, cultural similarities and similar time zones. These factors combine to make sourcing from Latin American countries very appealing for North American companies. (read more).

US – Commercial Real Estate

5 Steps To A Better Dental Office Layout

Creating a modern dental office layout with attractive design features starts by focusing on a welcoming reception area and waiting room, which is the window to your dental practice. This guide will walk you through five steps for designing a modern dental practice that will help your business thrive. (read more).

Understand Common-Area Maintenance Charges To Avoid Commercial Lease Errors

CAMs are part of any real estate agreement involving shared services. This guide will take you through the different CAMs and how to manage your annual costs effectively. (read more).

Music – Published Articles

How to Choose Between Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Parents wanting their children to learn the piano often don’t know the differences between piano and keyboard lessons. There are significant benefits to piano lessons over keyboard lessons, regardless of whether the child is learning on an electronic keyboard or a full-size piano. (read more)

A Musical Instrument Rental Comprehensive Guide

Part of the fun and excitement of becoming a new musician is picking out which instrument to learn. Then comes another decision: Is it better to rent or buy? Music students keen to learn a new instrument but unsure where to start will typically rent before they buy to get a feel for which choice is right for them. (read more)

The Top 3 Woodwind Instruments for Beginners

Learning a musical instrument should be exciting and fun, and beginning students can get both from woodwind instruments. This family of instruments has options ranging from large to small and from the highest-sounding (piccolo, flute, clarinet) to the lowest (from saxophone to contrabassoon). (read more).

Introduction to the Pitch Range of Musical Instruments

Understanding pitch and pitch range of musical instruments (and the related concepts of notes, tones, and octaves) is an essential part of your musical journey. This guide examines the relationship between pitch range and other fundamental musical concepts, and how pitch varies across instrument groups: piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, strings, woodwinds, and brass. (read more)

Religion & Spirituality – USA

Published articles for

How to Overcome Codependency

Codependency, at its essence, is about a loss of self. The sufferer focuses on meeting the needs of others while neglecting their own.  (read more).

7 Most Powerful Prayers for Protection

During the COVID-19 pandemic, research showed a 50% increase in online searches for prayer as people around the world turned to Jesus for protection and help and to cope with feelings of anxiety and fearfulness. (read more).

What is Happiness?

A state of happiness is something that we all seek, and it can prove elusive in our busy, stressful modern lives. Many philosophers and theologians (from St Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, to St Augustine) have considered the difference between joy and happiness. Many have asked whether the search for happiness is part of our overall search for meaning in our lives. (read more).

8 Prayers for Kids Going Back to School

Starting school is a significant milestone for children and Christian parents, who may be anxious about their child. Children transitioning to high school and college may also be fearful about the changes ahead. It’s important to rely upon devotional prayer, Bible verses, and our faith to help students, parents, and teachers as they start the new school year. (read more).

9 Verses In The Bible About Mothers To Share On A Special Day

Mothers are important, and we should celebrate them every day, not just on Mother’s Day. In this article, we’ll take a look at what the Bible says about mothers, as well as nine Mother’s Day Bible verses you can share with your mother on her special day. (read more).

How To Read The Bible In Chronological Order

The Bible contains two major sections: the Old Testament and the New Testament. A range of different authors wrote these across hundreds of years. The Bible has 66 books in total. There are 39 books in the Old Testament (starting with Genesis) and 27 in the New Testament. This article examines how to perform a simple chronological reading of the Bible concerning the literary genres contained within the Scriptures. (read more).

Lazarus In The Bible: A Biblical study of Life, Death & Resurrection

The story of Lazarus tells us that Jesus has power over life and death. The resurrection of Lazarus also foreshadows the death and resurrection of Christ. This article considers the story of Lazarus and the different themes and meanings it has for modern Christians. (read more).

Press Releases – Cannabis

Hampton Cannabis Expo 2021 Advocacy, Legalization, Investment Opportunities [Press Release]

New York – On Sunday, August 29, 2021, the Hampton Cannabis Expo was held at The Club House, East Hampton, New York with an impressive industry speaker line-up focusing on the three themes of advocacy, legalization and investing in cannabis in New York State and nationally. (read more).

Cryptocurrency – Published Articles

What is Kitty Coin?

Kittycoin (K-SOL) is a Solana blockchain-based meme coin launched in November 2021. During the Kittycoin launch phase, all new users will receive 10,000 free Kittycoins as part of the community airdrop. This offer is for a limited time only and offers a great opportunity for early adopters of this exciting new meme coin. (read more).

What is Love Coin?

Love Coin is one of the newest charity-based cryptocurrencies designed to make the world a better place. It is a user-friendly phone mineable cryptocurrency and 10% of coins will be used to support various user-voted charitable causes. Love Coin was first launched in early 2021. (read more).

Pet Niche – Published Articles

11 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds for Beginners

11 Best Rabbit Breeds – Published articles

Rabbits make awesome pets. In this article, we review 11 different rabbit breeds for beginning rabbit owners to consider, focusing on health issues and specific breed features which define appearance and influence behavior. (read more).

Raising Rabbits for Show

Raising rabbits for show requires careful preparation and research starting by selecting the right rabbit breed (with the easiest temperament) and making sure you have the most appropriate equipment from cages, nest boxes and grooming tools. You should have some experience in raising rabbits from birth including knowing about the best diets and housing requirements for your show rabbits. (read more)

Pet Rabbit Care Tips

When you first adopt a pet rabbit it’s important to have a good working knowledge of the key rabbit care tips and tricks to give your new rabbit the best chance of a long, healthy and happy life. For a rabbit to flourish, they need safe and comfortable housing, good diet, exercise and socialization with other rabbits (or pets) and their humans. (read more).

What do Pet Rabbits eat?

In this article, we consider all the key food groups and elements necessary to keep your pet or show rabbits happy and healthy. A well-balanced healthy diet will not only keep them healthy but their fur shiny and glossy which is particularly important for rabbit breeders who also show their pet rabbits. (read more).

How to Build a Rabbit Hutch

This article explains how to construct a very simple rabbit hutch and the types of building materials and tools you will need. You can also customize your rabbit hutch to meet the needs of your rabbit family as well as the size of your yard (or home) to accommodate it. (read more).

How to Litter Train Your Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are intelligent and inquisitive creatures. Many potential rabbit owners don’t realize that their pet rabbits can be successfully trained to toilet in the same spot using a cat litter tray. The key to successful potty training your rabbit is consistency and litter training can be achieved in as little as two weeks. (read more).

Bunny Rabbit Name Ideas

One of the first things that new rabbit owners have to decide upon when bringing a new rabbit home is what to call them. Rabbits make great pets and they will recognize and respond to their name as long as you keep it simple and under three syllables. In this article we look at a range of different possible rabbit names – some drawn from popular culture, as well as color-themed or food themed names. (read more).

How to Groom Rabbits

Rabbit grooming is not just about keeping your rabbit’s fur looking nice, it’s also a chance for you to conduct basic health checks on your rabbit on a regular basis. Grooming also works to socialize and tame your pet rabbit. The more frequently you handle and brush your rabbit, the more they come to trust you and show you affection. (read more).